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t: @Post_Quantum

CEO: Andersen Cheng

Founders: Andersen Cheng, Martin Tomlinson, CJ Tjhai

Founded: 2010

Sectors: Cyber Security

Latest Funding: $10.3m Series A May 2016

Lead Investor: AM Partners / VMS Investment Group (HK based)

HQ:  London, UK

Post-Quantum’s mission is to protect the world’s information against today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges. The company wants to ensure its clients can carry out their operations safely and securely, with trust and confidence in all their activities. With many years’ intensive R&D, the London based cyber security start-up was among the cohort in Barclays’ London FinTech Accelerator in 2015. By embedding its unique cocktail of micro service modules into a system, it offers end to end quantum-safe security to clients including the UK government, Nato, Barclays and other financial services companies against cyber attacks.