t: @clearmatics

Li: clearmatics

CEO / Founder:   Robert Sams

Founded: 2015

Keywords: Blockchain, decentralised platforms, tokenised value

HQ:  London, UK

Total funding: $13.3M

Latest funding: $12M, Series A - Oct 2018

“Building the dFMI of the future.”

Clearmatics works with firms ambitious to reinvent the industry’s business models. 

The blockchain R&D specialist “builds member-owned and governed decentralised network platforms for the peer-to-peer exchange of tokenised value between network members”. Clearmatics technology is p2p network platforms and protocol first - protocol suite, software that implements those protocols and provides client software and infrastructure for p2p networks.

In June 2019, R3 Director Tim Swanson joined the Clearmatics Board as Head of Market Intelligence.